the Authentic Ask

The "authentic ask" is a mindset and a method designed to demystify and destigmatize fundraising, especially the way in which we ask for money. In Authentic Ask workshops, we crack into stories that contribute to our current relationship with “asking” and we re-write a new fundraising narrative together.



JHC facilitates and produces a signature workshop called: “Awakening the Authentic Ask.” In this session, we tackle questions like:

What does it mean to fundraise from the inside, out and the outside, in? What does it look like when we make an “authentic ask”? How might we connect our story, to the story of the work, to the donor’s story, to the story of the world?” What is a culture of gratitude?

To learn more and/or book a workshop, get in touch with Jennifer.

To read the article that launched a thought movement, read Jennifer’s original “Awakening the Authentic Ask” piece on LinkedIn.

real authentic asks - coming soon

Stories of real fundraisers and case-makers drawing upon their authenticity to facilitate giving.

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