offering a holistic approach to
fundraising, communications, and strategy


Who I Am 

I am a fundraiser, a thinker, and a writer - in no particular order. Truthfully? It depends on my audience. It depends on YOU.

I am all of these things individually and collectively. I can be one, two, or some combination of the three. Ultimately, the magic occurs when all qualities converge. When I can leverage my expertise rooted in 15 + years in academia, in leadership positions in the nonprofit sector, and as a writer and teacher across industries.

Put simply, I am humanist, a passion - pusher, and an entrepreneur that serves socially - minded individuals, organizations, and communities. 



Who You Are

You are cause - minded and action - oriented. You aspire to ignite ideas and see them come to life. Your business is rooted in story or might have one that needs to be told. Your work aims to generate revenue and contribute to the social good.

Nonprofits, socially - oriented businesses and individuals, innovators and philanthropists, start ups and entrepreneurs (aka: “inspired organizations and people”), academic institutions and health systems - YOU - are my people. 




What We Can Do 

We are a collective. We are a group - a cooperative - committed to moving your aspirations into reality. Stuck? We help you move. Short staffed? We become part of your team. Lacking inspiration? We help light your fire. 

JH Collective believes investing in inspired ideas pays dividends – that the ROI is personal (“well-filling”), professional (“team and culture building”), and social (“change-making”). 

This is the beauty of you and me. Of us. We are integrated. We are passion and pursuit. Creative and tactile. Strategic and hands-on. With social endeavors lines are hard to draw. Together we blur them. We blow ideas out of the box and into the world. We see and feel the fruits of our labor. Let's do this.